Welcome to Yarmouth Dennis Soccer

Recreational Soccer - 11/18/2023 Jamboree Game Schedule

Time Game             Field
8:30am Pee Wee Red v. Pee Wee Lime Green Field 1
8:30am Pee Wee Electric Blue v. Pee Wee Black Field 2
8:30am Kindergarten Maroon v. Kindergarten Kelly Green Field 3
8:30am Kindergarten Electric Blue v. Kindergarten Red Field 4
9:00am Pee Wee Red v. Pee Wee Electric Blue Field 1
9:00am Pee Wee Lime Green v. Pee Wee Black Field 2
9:00am Kindergarten Kelly Green v. Kindergarten Electric Blue Field 3
9:00am Kindergarten Maroon v. Kindergarten Red Field 4
9:45am Gr 1/2 Orange v. Gr 1/2 Red Field A
9:45am Gr 1/2 Black v. Gr 1/2 Electric Blue Field B
9:45am Gr 3/4 Red v. Gr 3/4 Navy Blue Field C
9:45am Gr 3/4 Electric Blue v. Gr 3/4 Kelly Green Field D
10:30am Gr 1/2 Red v. Gr 124 Navy Blue Field A
10:30am Gr 1/2 Electric Blue v. Gr 1/2 Kelly Green Field B
10:30am Gr 3/4 Orange v. Gr 3/4 Red Field C
10:30am Gr 3/4 Black v. Gr 3/4 Electric Blue Field D
11:15am Gr 1/2 Navy Blue v. Gr 124 Orange Field A
11:15am Gr 1/2 Kelly Green v. Gr 1/2 Black Field B
11:15am Gr 3/4 Navy Blue v. Gr 3/4 Orange Field C
11:15am Gr 3/4 Kelly Green v. Gr 3/4 Black  Field D
12:00pm GR 1/2 Championship Game Field A
12:00pm GR 5,6,7,8 Red vs. Kelly Green Field B
12:00pm GR 3/4 Championship Game Field C
12:00pm GR 5,6,7,8 Electric Blue vs. Black Field D
12:45pm GR 5,6,7,8 Kelly Green vs. Electric Blue Field B
12:45pm GR 5,6,7,8 Black vs. Red Field D
1:30pm GR 5,6,7,8 Red vs. Electric Blue Field B
1:30pm GR 5,6,7,8 Kelly Green vs. Black Field D
2:15pm GR 5,6,7,8 Championship Game Field D



Please join us at the Board of Directors Meeting on Monday, December 18, 2023:


TIME:          7:00pm

WHERE:      Yarmouth Fire Department-Station 2
                    340 Route 6A
                    Yarmouth Port MA 02675

If anyone age 14 or older is interested in becoming a referee, mass ref is offering entry level certification courses.  If you are younger than 14, you can participate in our Junior Referee Program by contacting Dan Bach at [email protected] or call/text 508-889-5744.